China-Shanghai Zhongshan Park Area Planning

Changning Urban Planning Administration Bureau
Urban Design
500,000 m2

Located at the intersection of Metro Line 2 and Line3 elevated train, the Zhongshan Park region is the main commercial centre of western Shanghai. The site included the Changning and Kaixuan Roads intersection.  Several bus terminals, with more than 10 city bus lines have a daily pedestrian flow in excess of four to five hundred thousand persons

The distinct features a variety of quiet parks, famous universities, cultural heritage buildings, government buildings, cinemas, shopping malls and prestige residential areas.  The area near Zhongshan Park is burdened with heavy bus traffic, metro stations and an elevated freeway. The development design is to attract both local and international commercial investment, consistent with the region’s urban plan. Sustainable, healthy and prosperous development of the urban space and prestige-class, high density buildings is promoted.

The urban renewal design through the construction of a transportation network system, within the elevated, surface and underground levels resolves gridlock and minimizes traffic congestion. A new ring-bridge over the interchange boldly redefines the pedestrian traffic for the proposed high-density, vital, multi-functional retail space. The ring-bridge pedestrian system extends to the metro stations and to Zhongshan Park. The new transportation plan adds more walkways between stations and increases vehicular access to the street. The integrated shopping mall, restaurant, and entertainment facilities are designed for a potential development of an extensive surface-level commercial system. The landscaped streets and bridges are a part of a larger three-dimensional green system for the urban landscape.