China-Changshu Yu Mountain – Shang Lake Eco City

   Changshu, China
Shanghai Changjia Real Estate Co. ,Ltd.
Urban Design

Historically Yu Mountain – Shang Lake, land reclamation caused  progressive damage to the environment.  The finding of a more ecological acceptable and friendly way of development is today of great importance.  The design is predicated on the site’s water resources in the planning process to create a splendid lake-front community.

Ecological City: Shang Lake is not only the main water source for the local communities, it is in addition the preservation area of the original “Wetland Bird Island”. All actions that could potentially pollute the lake are strictly forbidden. The design implications that follow from this restriction have led to a scenery of buildings shaded by trees in fields of flowers.

Leisure City concept is the combination of holiday villages with commercial functions along the lake that make for a perfect lakeside holiday experience. This experience is enhanced by the design of the public space and public furniture, of beach and the wooden docks.

Cultural City concept is the whole Changshu Yu Mountain area, stretching from Shang Lake Resort to Shajiabang Resort. It has a historical significance and KFS have included an international conference centre, a concert hall and other public functions in the master plan. The public space will be decorated with curtains of water, wish fountains and other typical waterfront features. This modern touch to the atmosphere of the lakeside enables the tourist to enjoy the full scope of cultural experiences.

Healthy City concept at any given location on the side it will be comfortable to live, due to the access to supporting functions, such as apartments, a recreational and sports center, a SPA and golf clubs.

Water City concept is the water network, well developed and used as a general advantage for Jiangnan. In the master plan the water retain a wide and open character to form the backdrop for the glamorous water-city.