Canada-Vancouver Police Property + Forensic Storage

   Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Police Property + Forensic Storage
Justice + Public Safety

Phase II of  the Vancouver Police Department’s Tactical Training Centre is a new $24m, 9,050sm facility that includes the Property and Evidence, Property and Forensic Vehicle Examination, and Information Management Departments. The evidence storage component is designed to accommodate all types of evidence including, firearms, drugs, DNA samples, etc., with freezer rooms and climatic controls to provide the proper conditions to prevent degradation of evidence. In addition, the structure was designed to a ‘Post Disaster’ level in order to protect evidence during a seismic event. The Property Office has been designed with input from the VPD in accordance with their protocols for chain of custody regarding submission, recording and storage of evidence.
The Vehicle exam area accommodates an open garage for 14 vehicles and 6 separate Forensic bays with two of these allowing for large vehicles. The Information Management Systems department on the upper level will have the capacity to accommodate files for criminal investigations for the next 30 years.