Canada-Okanagan Correctional Centre

   Oliver, BC
Okanagan Correctional Centre
Justice + Public Safety

Okanagan Correctional Centre is the most advanced correctional centre in British Columbia, in ways that one might not expect in this type of facility. Embodying the progressive philosophy of our client, BC Corrections, Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General, this new facility provides a supportive environment that encourages inmates to develop the attitudes and ambitions necessary to rebuild their lives. Every aspect of the design enhances dignity and respect: from intuitive wayfinding that enables inmates to move independently from one area to another, to skylights and large windows, acoustic calm and access to fresh air. Most importantly, OCC employs an Enhanced Direct Supervision model to build a sense of safety, security and calm in both inmates and corrections officers. This approach reduces tension and helps in developing familiar and collegial relationships.
With 861 beds, OCC is the largest correctional centre in British Columbia. Compared to similar facilities, it was less costly to build (CAN$137 million), and will be less costly to maintain, operate and staff. OCC accommodates a wide range of populations—sentenced and remand, male and female, open custody to maximum security—with a range of criminal histories, conditions and incompatibilities. It will achieve LEED Gold Certification and is one of the most environmentally responsible corrections facilities in North America. It reinforces our belief that design has the power to change lives in profound ways.