China-Qingdao High-Rise Residential Area

   Qingdao, China
Lushang company
1,324,000 m2

This residential project is located in Xifu town in Qingdao city. It is surrounded by Laoshan scenic area, Jimo city and Chengyang city center. The Liuting airport is within the 10 km radius from this site, covering an area of 829000 square kilometers.

The location provides access to a number of useful facilities; including Qingdao University of Technology, and government offices encompassing municipal administration and community service. The situation of the residence promotes a diverse range of activities, architecture, and sustainable eco-friendly characteristics, creating self-sufficient living environment.

The structures are in sync with the surrounding environment and the urban texture, defining the unification between the city and the residential community. The design utilizes the site in various ways, catering to different real estate markets taking into consideration the benefits this project will bring to the community.

The strong linear façades have provided the buildings with uniqueness, steadiness, and elegance while the interior space allows a comfortable lifestyle. The combination of these elements created an image and concept of the “English Thames Town”.