China-Interior Design KFS Office

Interior Design KFS Office
Interior & Landscape

In the architectural design of the interior space planning was conscious extension of the design of the exterior. The interior design is completely integrated the architectural sense of space. The design strengthens the continuity and movement of space to amplify the importance of spatial perception.

The theme of the office design is simple, modern and elegant. Extensive use of glass in partitioning spaces eliminates defined boundaries between interior and exterior space. The exterior landscape is transformed into an interior design feature to enhance the interior spatial quality.

Upon entering the reception area the statues-of-grounding can be seen as four mythological creatures in a row in contrast to the neutral interior wall behind.  The interior lighting features for reception area are four red lanterns that indicate the conduct of brisk business and the full traditional eastern personality of the office.

The doors are transparent glass. The Roman blinds, installed behind the glass, control the relation between the interior offices and the exterior landscaped gardens. When the Roman blinds are in the open position the connection to exterior is self-evident. When the Roman blinds are down the office is a transformed into an secluded intimate space

The open-style design of large offices provides a clear and pleasing environment for the staff working atmosphere and provides a room and space devoted to creative thinking

The three-storey high atriums between each building have semi-enclosed roofs with half-glazed roof lighting. The rear door and door to the street are fully glazed to link the atrium with the exterior space, making the moderate-sized room to be without walls. These atriums exhibit the traditional chinese courtyard-philosophy of integration with the front garden and the back garden single entities.