China-Interior Design St.Babara,Valley No.3-90 Villa

Shanghai Da`an Taihao Real Estate Co.,ltd
Interior & Landscape

The interior design retains the same architectural special spatial feeling. The design emphasizes the continuity of the internal space to amplify the effect of special spatial perception.  The open lower level space is an extension of the garden. The extension of the bedroom space into the bathroom space , and linkage of the bedroom space with the exterior landscape.

Valley No.3 has a total of five different unit models. The interior design of the five models is Mediterranean in style and responds to the outer facades. The design of the interior retains special spatial separation. In accordance with the architectural design the decorative facade and materials of the ground floor differ from the upper levels.

All villas of Valley No.3 have an open courtyard at the lower level to introduce sun light into the building. This design consideration completely transforms the stereotype of the underground space having less desirable conditions. The design of the yard as an extension of the room, through the placing of vegetation and furniture, softens the division between the indoor and exterior living space.

The bathroom is integrated in the master bedroom. In some rooms KFS makes use of transparent glass to set the bathroom apart from the bedroom creating an illusion of a complete separation. Some sky windows have been designed above the bed and the bathtub to make these parts of the room particularly bright. In the evening the sky windows stimulate the strong visual impact derived from seeing the moon and the stars from the interior. This bold, creative, loving and romantic design saves space, and creates value and an increased sense of mystery.

The villas are extensively decorated with different colored mosaics in a background of light gray and white mosaic tile. The experience and enjoyment of visual stimulus is everywhere. Color has been used extensively to denote function and use. The blue mosaic recalls the presence of water. The warm orange colored mosaic announces an area intended to relax.  The rooms are compact in size and KFS made extensive use of glass walls to enhance and visually enlarge the spatial effect.