China-Yujing Garden Landscape Design

Shanghai Dahua Group
Interior & Landscape

The Yujing Garden architectural design is a solid foundation for the landscape concept. The neighbourhood landscape, based on an analysis of the ground and underground transportation, is divided into three main elliptical parts connected by a 50m wide north-south central green space. The separation of pedestrian and vehicular circulation systems ensures pedestrian safety and promotes the quietness and solitude of the green spaces. The landscape concept mirrors the architectural style. It is positioned simply and modernly. The powerful central green space dominates the three ellipse-shaped open spaces and unifies the different open spaces with lively streamlined paths. Residents are offered different and varying experiences. Land art, sculpture and water together elevate physical enjoyment and spiritual landscape pleasure.

The Yujing Garden  is implemented in three parts. Water is the basis of the southern space. The centre area is the dominant green space. Land art distributed along the ellipse-form paths completes the northern space. The southern pedestrian entrance is an exterior garden corridor. A creek with fountains travels through the central axis, with two continuous fan-shaped trellises on each side. The entrance creates a relaxed feeling and is a transition from the street noise and 'hyper activity' to the quiet secluded neighborhood. Near the south entrance is a grand landscaping bridge with waterfalls on both sides.  Modern material and technology of the bridge is a reflected image in the large lake feature. Wonderful views of the east-west lake are available from the waterside buildings.

Grass sloped gentle sand waves, tall and straight Zelkova trees and waterfalls are north of the bridge. The landscape elements create a different isolated space where residents can enjoy warmth of sunshine in winter and the cool calm shade in summer.

The northern space centres on a recessed ellipse fountain feature with an undulating lawn carpet of green on each side. The tropical plants on the west together with a gravel bed creek and wood decking cascade, display a pleasant visual landscape.

Landscape planting fulfils a major role in the separation of open spaces and the creation of a 'green' environment for the neighborhood. The uniform multi-layered planting of trees, bushes, flowers and grass are arranged as they are in the natural wilderness.