China-Interior Design Millennium Hotel, Wuxi

   Wuxi, China
Wuxi Xinchang Real Estate Development
Interior & Landscape

The KfS design is a full service interior and exterior architecture for the hotel. The style of the interior of the Millennium Hotel follows the Japanese exterior style. The interior design retain the continuity of the architectural exterior.

A 24-hour restaurant is located at the lower level. A part of the restaurant that is adjacent to the outer landscape is designed in glass. The design concept of introducing the landscape into the interior is similar to the lobby design. Dining in the restaurant, although below ground, the same feeling and pleasure as the ground floor or even above is maintained. The extended exterior terrace offers a great intimacy. The waterfall, integrating man and nature into a dynamic harmony, paints the a bourgeois picture that savours a tender steak, accompanied by a good glass of wine amidst the subtle and soothing sounds of water blended in with the soft music.

The Japanese restaurant is designed in accordance with the layout and interior of a traditional Japanese restaurant to create a nostalgic atmosphere for the Japanese guests in Wuxi seeking a atmosphere similar to their eating places in Japan. The achievement of the feeling of grandeur in the Presidential Suite a luxury interior design in European style was chosen. The decorative elements of golden leafs, delicate lines and the leather furniture, all contribute to an atmosphere of luxury.

The interiors of the rooms are designed according to the Japanese style of painting the walls white with wooden frames to complement the window opening and completed with Japanese-styled furniture.

The hotel has 22 floors and a lower level. The hotel rooms are from the third floor up. The lower level, ground floor and first floor are public spaces. The lower level accommodates a Japanese restaurant, supermarkets and parking. The lobby, waiting room, Japanese restaurant, swimming pool, bathhouse and gym are located at the ground floor. A banquet hall, conference room, Chinese restaurant and SPA on the first floor.
The interior of the lobby is a semi-open design that realizes the partition of intimate and public space by using the exterior landscape. The design introduces the artificial waterfall as the background for the lobby. A sunken floor for the lobby makes the waterfall a prominent element and visually connects the main entrance and the landscape. The concept of landscape sharing is used throughout the public interiors.

An arc-formed roof replaced the commonly used flat design. KFS implemented the traditional Japanese pattern to enrich the shape of the ceiling. The patterns of the roof respond to the decorative patterns on the walls in a harmonious resonance.