China-Sanya Qixianling

Rongjin Group
166,800 m2

In the rapidly growing world of tourism, Hainan Island has seen a great boom in its tourism business. Hainan is considered a world class tourist island, and it has two major harbors, one being the ferry harbor and the other is for cruise and yachts.

This project is located in Sanya City, which is reachable from Baoting City by 25 minutes of car ride with the completion of Baohai highway in 2012. Qixianling Mountains act as a backdrop for the coastal area of Sanya, creating a perfect combination for a holiday island. The site encompasses opportunities for leisure activities, therapeutic spa, and luxury hotels in this resort complex.

This project utilizes the characteristics of the island, making full use of its natural properties. Taking 'health preservation' as the main theme, it blends itself with the nature, resulting in a well established holiday resort.

The different functionalities cater to different type of tourists, while at the same time contributes to the tourism of Hainan. The design takes into consideration the traditional and regional characters of Sanya while blending in western elements, and also combining the traditional Chinese with modern style. It provides the comfort required by modern day lifestyle while maintaining and promoting the Chinese cultural heritage.