China-Xuhui Rose Bay,Qing Pu,Shanghai

Xubo Real Estate Co.Ltd.
170,000 m2

The housing sector of this project is mainly comprised of compact spaces around 87 square meters. These residences are mainly located in the high-rise complex, containing 2 bedrooms, living, dining and a bathroom. The design allows plenty of open spaces with efficiently organized areas, providing every room with adequate sun exposure and ventilation.

The single story housings along the riverside have 140 square meter floor area and are comprised of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living and dining room. The multi-story villas are mostly 168 square meters, and a small portion at 180 square meters.

The firm has carefully taken into consideration the local architectural elements when designing the building facades. The multi-story housings have detailed facade carvings and a combination of materials that display luxury and elegance. The riverside multi story villas have elements of the local style, displaying elegance and providing the residences with a pleasant view.