China-Qingdao Nanshan Linghai Villas

   Qingdao, China
Qingdao Changji Co.Ltd.
47,000 m2

The Aoshan bay, a 100.000 square-meter ‘Linghai’, is a waterfront resort complex closely located from Qingdao’s second biggest bay. The mixed-use facilities include a national exhibition center, a five-star hotel, an enterprise clubhouse, a yacht club, a spa treatment, a waterfront golf course, office buildings, upscale residential areas and property management units.
The main avenue is oriented in the north-south axis as the secondary streets are in the west-east axis. Each group of buildings is thoroughly connected, forming a simple and efficient distribution throughout the whole area. The East wing of the complex has a stunning view of the enclosed sea inside the complex while the west part has direct access to the vast golf court. This arrangement provides a fantastic landscape to the residents and visitors, wherever they are in the complex.
By maintaining proper distance between the sea-view apartments, the complex has an axis of uninterrupted view which also acts as central green space for the area. This enables each and every unit to have a waterfront view.
The North side of the complex offers views on the 50 meter wide green belt that has an area of 8000 square meters and which also acts as an access to the bay area and the yacht harbor, which means residents with yachts have direct access to the complex.