China-Shanghai Da’an Garden

Shanghai Da’an Real Estate Inc.
310,000 m2

Two major traffic arteries, Wuning and Changshou Roads, and a minor street enclose the triangular property located at the west end of  the Jing’an District in downtown Shanghai. The residential development contains 3,000 families  and a junior high school.

Three half enclosed residential groups are designed, each with 5,000 to 8,000m2 gardens and a 9,000m2 central park. This softens the negative impact of a dense urban lifestyle through the reduction of unwanted noise and noxious odours from traffic, and addresses a primary design consideration needed for small scale living spaces. Residences have entrances from the central garden path and each apartment is located near a park that gives a welcomed sense of security, neighborhood identity and community spirit.

Three main entrances are located on the streets bounding the site.  The west and the east entrances connect a 25m wide and 200m long treed park, for a green axis on the property.  This provides a desirable leisure space in a green environment. The third entrance is near the clubhouse, equipped with a gym and an indoor swimming pool, and a recessed forming a central park setting and a good view of the vegetation. This allows more open space for recreation.

Underground parking garages are located beneath the three gardens. The distinctive feature of the garden design is the integration of the garage ‘light wells’ that are either surrounded by waterfall features or, become playground areas. The high desirable quiet, green living spaces in a dense metropolis create a successful commercial real estate market development.