China-Shanghai Dongjing International Office Complex

Shanghai Dongdao Real Estate Inc.
66,000 m2

The project is situated at Pudong Avenue, a major traffic path from east to west, east of Yuanshen Road. The site is a narrow rectangle from east to west. The area is focal point of the Pudong’s office parks. There are city green belts west of the site. Shanghaitan Garden House is located in the south of the green belt. The site area is 1.6ha The grss floor area of the development is 66,000m2. This includes a 24-storey office block with a total GFA of 24,000m2.

The design development program of the office space has been judiciously refined  in order to encourage the mutual benefit of the different functions. A new architectural style introduces a design image of an international multi-functional complex within a relaxed environment.

A 100m high landmark is an architectural statement that in itself is a unique and elegant image. Ornate neon lights at night dazzle the night sky with the building seemingly garbed in a sparkling trendy outfit. The office floor plan area, of approximate 1,000m2, is designed with an open floor plan to facilitate an easy subdivision into smaller individual areas.