Canada-Floating Home - Vancouver

   Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

Based on the water lot that was purchased by the client, the orientation of the house was given by the berth size and was further prescribed by the Sea village guidelines as a maximum float dimension of 35′x 20′ and a maximum height of 26′ for a portion of the house. From the beginning the client had decided that they wanted the house to have three levels with a Family Room at the top. Since their site location placed them closer to the dock, this was to afford them a better view beyond the house with water frontage directly north of them.
The client also had an interest in using salvaged material based on environmental concerns and house so the deck and Family Room provide a very open feeling with views over the adjacent houses.
The cladding materials of wood siding and corrugated metal cladding draw from both the industrial vocabulary of Granville Island, as well as the residential nature of some of the local homes. The use of both wood and metal satisfied the design criteria set out by the reviewing architect and local residents and gave the opportunity to play with wrapping of the forms of the house.
In keeping with the unique way of life offered by living on the water, this project, and client, offered unique challenges for a design problem that are not normally found. Included in these were design approvals required by the three separate governing bodies of, the Sea village community and their guidelines, as well as that of Granville Island, and the City of Vancouver.