Canada-Private Residence - West Vancouver

   West Vancouver

We assumed the triple role of architect, contractor and client for the construction of his own family home in West Vancouver, British Columbia. Dowling conceived his residence as a series of slender, interlocking horizontal planes projected gracefully out of the irregular sloping site. The three-storey house embodies three main construction materials: concrete, steel and Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) panels. The CLT panels serve as the primary components of the wall, floor and roof assemblies.
Dowling configured the plan to offer sweeping ocean vistas from the southward-facing living area on the upper floor, and a more intimate view of greenery on the mountain side of the house. The structural integrity of this particular CLT floor and roof system offers a long span, which allows a column-free expanse in the main interior spaces. The dominant architecture gesture of the Dowling Residence is a dramatically cantilevered balcony off the second floor living room. This triangular balcony is constructed with CLT panels. Using reinforced concrete for this balcony would have generated extra thickness and weight, and required additional support — which would have undermined Dowling’s aesthetic vision of the project.