China-Phoenix-villa Qionghai, Xichang

   Xichang Sichuan, China
Chengdu Datian Industry Co.,Ltd
Urban Design

The Phoenix Valley is resort situated in the Qionghai lake tourist zone of Xichang with the green dragon temple on the mountain side on the east shoreline of Qionghai Lake. The joy of the great view enhanced by the support functions, of a five-star hotel, business conference centre, spa, leisure, living, local cultural experience, golf and other trendy sports offer a superior life style.

The surrounding mountains mirror the elongated shape of the site, making a basin-like gesture with an opening on the east bank, followed by the separation of the site into three parts, the lake-side resort hotel, a romantic town and terrain golf course.

The project advocated the importance of nature by imposing the back-to-nature concept as the most prominent design guideline.  Environmental elements of water, landscape and vegetation clusters formed variable seasonal views.

The man-made landscape represented a solution of the natural conditions for the design concept. This design consisted of three main concepts.

Qionghai -The elements of wide open waterscape, large commercial volumes and public spaces. ‘The escalated rainbow fields’ - The cooperation of the fields with the peripheral landscape enlarged the Phoenix pattern. The vegetation of a distinctive color pallet mimed the feathers of the Phoenix, bringing people together in nature in harmony.

‘The green original ecology’ -Using the colors and textures of the mountain and the water as materials and a personifying a healthy therapy environment of colors was created.