China-Shanghai Qingpu Central Area Planning and Implementation

Qingpu Urban Planning Administration Bureau
Urban Design
2,500,000 m2

The planning of the district of Qingpu was a competition that took place in 2001 with construction commencing shortly after KFS design submission was the successful entry. In 2009 the basic design and character emerged with praise and acceptance.

The primary design element was the upgrading of this district through the intergration of the green zones with the ones of neighboring districts – an existing old town, a new zone under construction and a sport and public zone were planned.

The new green belt of Qingpu served as an important ecological zone that helped to control the local air quality. It offered a number of public spaces inside itself and acted as a boundary that would give people a clearer definition of the surrounding space.

A series of urban living spaces were situated on the green belt to demonstrate the notion of local life and urban image.  On the waterfront, South-West of the green belt, a prestigious group of condos was placed.  Waterscape and urban sculptures with local themes were designed close to the highway exit.

The lake in the centre of the site was the feature of the project. By modifying the existing water network KFS created the Xiayang Lake which is now a significant urban part of the district centre as its banks offer pleasant public spaces and hosts Qingpu Library, museums and a culture centre.