China-Shanghai Fengjing “North American Style Town” Planning

Shanghai Jinshan Urban Planning Administration Bureau
Urban Design

The design intent provided a life-style in Fengjing county of Jinshan District of Shanghai. This historically important county played a significant new role in Shanghai’s urban planning. The design of an ecologically friendly and multi-functional town offered a relaxed North American inspired lifestyle. This philosophy is best illustrated in the words –‘lifestyle as an architectural expression’.

The centre core recalled the character of a typical North American town. 80m wide boulevard and parks dominate the centre of the town.  Together with the shopping parks and the fruit gardens they portrayed a classic image of North American lifestyle. This big green zone shielded the town from the impact of the railway that connected the surrounding areas. A showroom of the North American life- style was created

Baseball diamonds, golf courses, maple leaf trees, berry picking, social clubs, and even a small church was provided in this community to bring the ex-patriots closer to their home culture, while large areas of grape planting made local brewing a reality.

The density of planning, in a radial manner in the core area to the west of the lake consisted of office buildings, commercial functions and living facilities. The villa area is on the outskirts of the town while the condominiums were located closer to the centre.

The planning and design were approved and the development was completed as designed.