Global Times-Experimental musical theater production uses shipping containers as stages
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KFS Music Box, a musical performance by KFS Architecture Forum, has made its appearance on Global Times newspaper on July 30, 2014 in an article written by contributor Cheng Liyun. The article introduces the producer of the musical Peter G.H. Fu along with his profession as an architect and his passion in theatrical shows and later goes on to introduce the eco-friendly concept behind this musical theater establishment. Readers will be introduced to how Peter G.H. Fu has combined his passion in these two different fields to create an artistic musical creation.


 Four large shipping containers stand on the lawn in the front of the Shanghai Culture Square, each forms a stage and the four stages surround the audience who sit within this space on revolving seats. This original environmentally-friendly theater is the creation of the KFS Architecture Forum Music Box which, from Friday, will be staging its romantic musical Memory of the Valley.
 Peter G.H. Fu is an architect and manager of K.F. Stone Design International Inc.Canada and this container theater musical is his first attempt at breaking theatrical boundaries. An experienced architect and a fan of musicals, he has been wanting to combine his profession and his hobby for many years.
 The KFS Architecture Forum Music Box can accommodate an audience of 300. This format has not been seen before in China and the production is a ground-breaking event with the audience members able to swivel on their chairs so they can catch various four concurrent but totally different aspect of the show at any one time.

--Excerpt from Global Times 2014.7.30


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