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The new show carried out by KFS Architects INC and Shanghai Ballet, “Cyan, Blue, Purple” was scheduled performance on 8thof May at Shanghai International Dance Center for its debut. The main directors of the performance are dancer Xin Lili and architect Peter Fu. This dance drama is adapted based on Peter Fu 's three consecutive architect musicals.


“Cyan, Blue, Purple”presents an intense integration of ballet and architecture. Those color components represents three musical edited and directed by Peter Fu which are “Memories of the Valley”, “My Albert”, “Exchange Students”. Also known as KFS’s “Musical Trilogy of Architects”.


The whole performance is divided into three parts. “Cyan” is based on“Memories of the Valley”. It tells a story of three young people born on the exact same date, meet each other at the valley on their 16th birthday, and promise to gather again 10 years later. After 10 years’ time, they meet again as architect, musician, sculptor, and start an unforgettable story.


Show “Blue” is based on the musical “Exchange Students”. It tells a story about several exchange students from different countries with full passion on architecture, gather in one place. Through the Green Buildingdebate and design, they develop a mutual value, and their lives are changed by architecture. And finally they design their own green building: the KFS Box Theatre.


“Purple” shows a series of architectural works by an experienced architect. This part is based on musical “My Albert”; the story is driven by the hard work by grandfather the old Albert and the son young Albert, both architects.


This is the first-time cooperation between KFS Architects and Shanghai Ballet. Sincerely wish a success.

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