China-Jiading International Community

   Shanghai, China
Shanghai Jiading New Town Development Co., Ltd
Urban Design

Jiading international community created with an international behavior model focuses on the convenience and comfort of scientific creator and literary writer's behaviors in the future to serve the whole world from the home office. This project makes different living environment for the Jiading international community.

Jiading international community is located in the periphery of Shanghai center business circle. There is large market opportunity for this project, it can attract middle-and-small size business and undergraduate to self-employed. There are a lot of resource around the Jiading international community, it close to the northwest office park. There is Jiading high-tech industrial park and Shanghai Volkswagen vehicle center, it will offer good working background. This project is the part of Jiading construction center of the key bearing area core area, also is the bridgehead and portal of the Shanghai service Yangtze river delta.